call for scores for the project "Times 2018 Tokio"

Junko Yamamoto is happy to announce a „call for scores“ for the project „Times 2018 Tokio“

what is the project „Times 2018 Tokio“ ?
• „Times 2018 Tokio“ is a concert which is produced by Masamichi Kinoshita.
• The concert will take place on 18th February (Sunday) at 6.30 p.m. in the Doujin-Christ-Church in Tokyo.
• The pianist Junko Yamamoto will perform contemporary piano music from Germany, the complete piano etudes by Toshio Hosokawa and 1 - 3 pieces from “call for scores” for piano solo

Please be sure to review the terms and conditions below before submitting your score and other materials.
• This call for scores is open to composers of any nationality and age who are currently living in Germany or have lived in Germany in the past.
• The duration of the work should not exceed 15 minutes.
• Deadline for submission: October 1, 2017
• Entry Fee: No Entry Fee
• Reward: No prize money.
• Instrumentation: piano solo
Possible playing techniques for the piano:
- Using the Sostenuto-pedal (3rd pedal) is possible.
- Playing inside the piano without marking is possible.
- Preparation inside the piano is not possible because there is no time for preparation between the pieces in the concert.
• The results of the call for scores will be announced  on December 1, 2017 on the Website www.junkoyamamoto.de

How to submit:
Please visit the website
to fill in the application and upload the following material:
• score (pdf-file)
• recording of the work (mp3-file). (recording is not obligatory but it would be good if you have)
• video-link of the work (i.e. Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) (video is not obligatory but it would be good if you have)
• short biography (less than 100 words

To log in to the application form you need a gmail-account or an account associated with Google Drive.



my Essay No.12 / エッセイ 第12回目 寄稿文 


 3月末イギリスの EU離脱正式通告直後、市民団体[Pulse of Europe ]が 『[ EUの歌]である[歓喜の歌]を市庁舎の鐘で奏でる』請願を市に提出し、それが受理されたのです。

 [EU崩壊による平和な生活を失う可能性]という不安に駆られた市民が[もう一度EUの根底にある欧州統合の意義を見直そう]と始めた[Pulse of Europe ]。



シュツットガルトは工業と芸術の都市ですが、どちらの分野にも、 優れた専門家が多種多様な国から集まっています。

先日の[Pulse of Europe ]でこう言った人がいました。「多様性は、シュツットガルトの財産、発展、力の源である。」


Pulse of Europe / my essay No.11 for japanese Newspaper

 On last Sunday I joined the meeting "Pulse of Europe".

 (↓ from the Website of Pulse of Europe)
There has been an alarming increase of radicalization in political life. After the vote for Brexit and the election of Trump, however, we must not remain in shock. There are going to be held presidential elections in the Netherlands on 15 March 2017, in France on 23 April 2017, and in the autumn of 2017 the Bundestag election will take place.
Our aim and contribution
We are convinced that the majority of people believe in the fundamental idea of the European Union and its reformability and development and does not want to sacrifice it to nationalist tendencies.  Nothing less than the protection of an alliance, which secures peace and guarantees individual freedom, justice and legal security are at stake.
Unfortunately, mostly negative and destructive voices are heard in public!
Therefore: Let us become louder and more visible!  We all must now send out positive energy against current tendencies. The European pulse must be felt everywhere!
Everyone is responsible for the failure or the success of our future, no one can make excuses. To hope, everything will go well, is not enough and even dangerous.
Now, before the elections, is the right time to do one´s best – with as many people as possible, and in as many places as possible.
We have a big goal: to gather as many people as possible in Europe, who stand for Europe, and are able to support pro- European forces after the elections. Thus we can form a human chain all across Europe connecting Germany, France and the Netherlands.

 Here is my contribution for a japanese newspaper ↓


chaufernster / Andile Khumalo

Here you can listen the music "chaufernster" composed by Andile Khumalo.

The recording is from my concert in Johannesburg / South Africa, when we ensemble cross.art had concert-tourney 2013 ^-^/

chaufernster / Andile Khumalo



trailer film

Here is a trailer film ^-^


cross.art – past and future dialogue 1
Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014, 16 Uhr
Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Manuel De Falla : “Suite Populaire Espagnole” für Violoncello und Klavier (1925)
John Cage: "Imaginary Landscape 1” for records of constant and variable frequency, large chinese cymbal and string piano (1939)
Karel Goeyvaerts: "Stuk voor piano en tape" für Klavier und Tonband (1964)
Caspar Johannes Walter: "comodo e lamentoso" für 2 Violoncelli (1987)
Kajia Saariaho: "Petals" für Violoncello und Live-Elektronik (1988)
Iannis Xenakis „Paille in the Wind“ für Violoncello und Klavier (1992)

ensemble cross.art
Rohan De Saram, Violoncello
Céline Papion, Violoncello
Junko Yamamoto, Klavier
Oliver Frick, Live-Elektronik

Projektkoordination: Juliane Beck

Kooperationspartner: Kunstmuseum Stuttgart
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Stadt Stuttgart (Kulturamt Stuttgart)


東京公演のお知らせ 2017年3月2日(木曜日)





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